You're on the Business plan and you've already set up a custom email address using these steps. You are able to access the domain record of the domain at the end of your custom email (i.e., it's not a free service like,, etc). Now you want to set up DKIM signatures.

These signatures will improve the deliverability of your event emails by allowing your custom domain to digitally sign them, making email servers trust them more. Unlike verification, DKIM signatures are not required for your emails to send. But you will have to verify your custom email address before doing this next step.

If your company has implemented a strict DMARC policy, you will need to setup DKIM to ensure email deliverability with custom emails.

Quick start

  1. Head to Emails then click on the three-dotted menu next to '+ Create Email' the select Manage Senders.

  2. After that, click on 'read more' under Manage Senders.
  3. Once you have, something like this will pop up:

  4. You can then head to your DNS provider and use this information to set up your CNAME records for your DKIM signatures on your domain record. Please note that we're not able to provide support on these steps as they are external to our platform.

  5. Once you've configured this, you can click on "I've set the CNAMES". We will then verify this on our end. DKIM signatures can take up to 48 hours to verify depending on the domain provider so note this could take a little while. When ready, the section under Emails > ... > Manage Senders will update to reflect this and show 'verified'.